UAE Property Buying Guide

uae property buying guide 


The property market in the UAE has matured rapidly over the past 10 years. As a result, there are numerous resources to aid in your property search. Most people begin their searches through websites, which provide large numbers of property listings. With robust search tools, they allow you to filter results by price/rent, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, location and more.

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10 Tips for Posting the Perfect Ad in vivaUAE

10 Tips for Posting the Perfect Ad in vivaUAE

If you have items around your home that you’ve been thinking about selling, a space you’ve been wanting to rent, or a service that you’ve been wondering how to promote, it’s time for a vivaUAE ad.

In this article I'm going to discuss several tips and techniques you can use to write better vivaUAE ads that will help you sell those things you no longer need. Follow the basic guidelines in this article and you will write better, more effective, sales-oriented vivaUAE ads. This is a long article that is designed to really teach you and show you how to do this whole process.

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vivaUAE Marketing Tips

It’s not very often that powerful marketing tools are offered to the masses for free. Whether you are looking to sell a vehicle, real estate or furniture or offer cleaning or childcare services, VivaUAE is an extremely valuable marketing platform that should be included in your digital marketing campaign.

vivaUAE Marketing Tips:

Catchy Title: The title of your post is undoubtedly the most important component of your ad. Be clear and descriptive when including price and key details of your product or service, and avoid using too many characters, exclamation points or anything that might seem ‘spammy.’

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Safety Tips

We are interested and committed in creating a user friendly environment where it is easy for an user to post and reply ads without any concern. There are many things which you should keep in mind to protect yourself and your privacy online. The following are the few tips and techniques you should follow.

Posting an Ad

Online advertising gives us an opportunity to reach people as many as possible those who are interested in purchasing the goods that we post in a quick and effective way. But be careful while posting an ad as you may not know the people who respond to your ad.

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Seller Advice

Safety for Sellers

  • If a buyer is paying by cheque, the funds must clear before you dispatch your item. We advise that you do not accept cheques for services.
  • Treat strangers with suspicion - do not invite them to your home and arrange to meet at a half-way public space, and not a car-park.
  • Do not give buyers your personal details until you are sure that they are who they say they are and a genuine buyer.
  • Buyers offering to pay for an item and asks you to pay for shipping are likely to be a scammer.
  • If a buyer offers a vastly reduced buying price or offers to pay more than you are asking for - be aware that they may be trying to con you.

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