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Company SPF Realty Real Estate Broker LLC
Contact name Anirudh
Business Category Real Estate
About Welcome to SPF Realty Real Estate Broker – the one-stop shop for all your Dubai property requirements.
Established in 2006 with a vision to offer holistic solutions to all property-related requirements. SPF Realty has stood firm through the ups and downs of the nascent real estate market in Dubai to emerge as a leader in the field. With unmatched market expertise and uncompromising service quality as our backbone, we offer our clients a complete and customized service advisory package that assures appreciation and return on investment.
Through our extensive understanding of the market and the wide-ranging list of properties we manage, SPF Realty can deliver on your requirements, regardless of whether you are looking for properties to buy and rent in Dubai, or seeking good value on the sales of your existing property.
Address Office 227, Block B, Al Shafar Investment Building
Fax 800 773 (SPF)
Specialty Buying or selling, commercial or residential, apartment or villa – no matter what your choice is, you can be assured that SPF Realty has the experience and understanding of the market to provide you with peerless service. Our wide and varied portfolio assures you the best in terms of Dubai’s property market.
Services Leasing Management
At SPF Realty, leasing is not just about the transfer of utility rights on property – it is an ongoing collaboration of property owners and tenants that fulfills the dynamic needs of a whole spectrum of people. SPF leads the industry with its revolutionary concept of Property Supervision services, expressly designed to service the evolving landscape of the UAE rental and corporate housing markets. SPF’s excellent professional network provides our clients with the latest insider info on the best rental homes, apartments and villas, and modern town houses for lease in prestigious locations around the UAE.
SPF Realty’s all-inclusive database gives you access to hundreds of luxury UAE rental houses and villas. You can narrow down your search based on price, features and location, and even down to specific areas of the city to find the home rental that’s just right for you. Our comprehensive website uses an advanced search system, which makes it the best place to get information on the rental properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of the UAE. Moreover, SPF’s Realty’s leasing specialists help you zero in on the best deals that match your specific needs.

Buying Properties
At SPF Realty, we understand and respect your individual requirements when it comes to buying a property. Whether you are an investor or an end-user, you can be sure that, with us, the process of purchasing a property in the UAE is as smooth as it is fast. Our up-to-the-minute record of information on properties available for purchase across the UAE, combined with our dedicated and professional team of consultants ensures that you have the best options to choose from.
Walk into our office, or just pick up the phone to talk to one of SPF’s efficient team of Real Estate Consultants and tell them what you are looking for – and rest assured that you will find a property that fits your style and budget. If, for some reason, what you seek is currently unavailable, there is no need to despair. We keep constant track of the market, and as soon as a new property is up for sale, we will get in touch with you with the details.

Property Management
SPF Realty understands that transference of ownership is just the beginning of the journey for most property owners. Mindful of this fact, SPF Realty has initiated Property Supervision Services (PSS), adding further value to our already superlative portfolio of services. PSS are available to our esteemed property-owners whereby SPF supervises the maintenance and management of properties that are on a rental tenure to ensure hassle-free rental yield and lasting value to property. Our trained and skilled staff treat each property, whether apartment or villa, as brand new so that its value is enhanced over time. We design tailor-made programs according to individual client requirements and execute them for a mutually agreed upon period of time.

Selling Properties
Thinking of selling your property in the UAE? At SPF Realty, we understand the urgency of your needs, and our in-depth understanding of the market trends translates to speedy deals and value for your assets. Our excellent networking with real estate agents, developers and mortgage companies enables us to process your deals swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that funds are accessible to you just when you need them the most. Regardless of the type, size or condition of your property, SPF Realty assures you profit in return of trust.

Investment Advice
Experts at SPF Realty are well aware of ins and outs of real estate investments. At SPF we ensure that your investment not only nourishes great yields, but also gains capital appreciation. Property Compliance
Affiliation – enTrust & Title conveyancers, Awadi & Awadi, The Advocates

Mortgage Consultation
Affiliation – HSBC, Mashreqbank, Llyods Bank, Barclays Bank PLC, United Arab Bank, Tamweel Home Finance, RAKBANK, Mortgage Broker, Home Matters

Vastu Consultation
Vastu is an ancient science of architecture which signifies a congenial setting in apartments, villas, retails and even offices. For most of the people, owning a home is a once in a lifetime experience, therefore the investment has to be perfect from every aspect. At SPF Realty, our vastu experts can guide through with the architectural changes if required to make the property vastu compliant.
Vision To spearhead the Real Estate industry in United Arab Emirates, in terms of providing superlative services.
To be the leader in the area of property investments, both residential and commercial, in the country.
To provide unsurpassed service at all times allowing both investors and partners to reap the rewards of associating with us.
Mission To embark on a journey of excellence, maximizing financial returns for investors and partners.
To be the leader of the Real Estate market, developing innovative and cost-effective real estate solutions.
To provide exceptional service that will ensure loyalty among existing clients and encourage new associations.
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