AQUA water detectors

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AQWA works this device by long distance sensing system (LDS), the advanced and built-in with acoustic identification systems to locate the path and point center of water.

AQWA offers the high rigor frequency waves that enable it to identify and detection the groundwater so very meticulously where the device can locate the targets from 200 meters distance and an angle of 360 degrees with precise control feature at a horizontal distance search, where there are a several levels of search distance, the user can adjust according to their needs to the horizontal scan, the search depth in the Aqwa device can be reach until 200m underground with the possibility of precise control in search depth,

All that through the device control interface, device is characterized by its small size and ease of use, where it can be placed in the pocket and move it all the goodwill and easily, and anyone can use it without having to experience or large knowledge about detectors.

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